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Simon Tisdall Mischaracterizes US-Pakistan Relations

Simon TisdallSimon Tisdall is an intelligent journalist, so I was a bit surprised to read his analysis of the diplomatic cables made public by Wikileaks — an analysis that involves a rather simplistic misunderstanding of US-Pakistan relations for such a sophisticated observer.

According to Tisdall, US policy towards Pakistan is reminiscent of Imperial Britain during the Raj. Simon Tisdall should know better. Where the British exploited ethnic differences to maintain control over the population, the US has championed minority rights and supported democratic reforms. Where the British siphoned capital out of South Asia, the US has been investing heavily in the region. Most tellingly, the Obama administration has been vocally supportive of the democratically elected government – an obvious about-face from previous policies of supporting military dictatorships and a preference for a false sense of stability over democratic rule.

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