Working together, US & Pakistan Are Effective

Pakistan security forces arrested three senior al Qaeda operatives yesterday, dealing a major blow to the terrorist organization’s capacity and interrupting plans to attack targets in the US and other Western countries. Following the arrests, Pakistan’s military issued a statement that the operation was able to succeed thanks to the joint efforts of US and Pakistani intelligence agencies.

“This operation was planned and conducted with technical assistance of United States intelligence agencies with whom Inter-Services Intelligence has a strong, historic intelligence relationship,” the Pakistan’s military said in a statement, referring to Pakistan’s top military spy agency. “Both Pakistan and United States intelligence agencies continue to work closely together to enhance security of their respective nations.”

Pakistan’s Ambassador the the US, Husain Haqqani, reiterated this point when he told NPR that the arrest, “reflects how Pakistan and the United States working together can deal an effective blow to the terrorists.”

This most recent blow to terrorist organizations demonstrates the efficacy of cooperation over unilateralism. It was this cooperation that President Obama said “helped lead us to bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding,” and it is this cooperation that will continue to improve both bilateral relations and the safety and security of both Americans and Pakistanis.

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