Speaker Boehner Issues Statement on Pakistan

Speaker John Boehner“A strong U.S.-Pakistan relationship is vital to the interests of both of our countries. We had frank and productive discussions with Pakistan’s civilian and military leaders. While the relationship between our two countries has seen its challenges, we discussed the importance of working through these issues and renewing our partnership based on mutual interests and mutual respect.

“We recognize that the Pakistani military and the Pakistani people have made great sacrifices in recent years in the struggle against extremism and terrorism. Al Qaeda and its extremist allies have made Pakistan a target, and the Pakistani nation has suffered deeply as a result. We appreciate the efforts of the Pakistani military and the sacrifices of those troops and the Pakistani people. We also appreciated the hospitality of Prime Minister Gillani and pledge to continue working together on behalf of our countries.”


2 thoughts on “Speaker Boehner Issues Statement on Pakistan

  1. To,
    Mr. Speaker Boehner,
    I salute your concerns Sir, May the American Nation and it’s Leadership continue there support and collaboration in Good Faith, May God Al-Mighty Guide and Protect the Just and the Righteous, amen.
    To World Peace, for Global Reform, for Justice and Prosperity, for Humanity, for The Love of God. May all the world leaders benefit amongst nations with Wisdom and Truth, Tranquil and Excel Globally, to our Future, to Global Harmony, amen.

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